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The Imperial Order Returns

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The Imperial Order

//Official Transmission: Order# 338Grek3Kesh//

     After the events which transpired in the Wild Space, the invasion by the Zakuul Empire, and the betrayal by our Emperor, The Imperial Order has once more been summoned back to the forefront of conflict. The Imperial Order has been deactivated for years, watching as the events of our galaxy unfolded yet waiting for the right time. That time has come, and we stand ready to once more be the bulwark and the vanguard of our beloved Sith Empire.

     Though there are many challenges before us, we have been tested time and again, stood undaunted through countless years of suffering and difficulty. We stand on the brink of great events, it is time to rise up from the ashes and once more take our place as our Empire's example, to lead these shadowlands back into the light of our fury.

//End Transmission//

The Imperial Order
Official Transmission - ORDER: 139Kresh73

The Imperial Order has rapidly evolved over the last few months, after reorganizing and reinforcing our rosters we have progressed completely through Hardmode Operations content to a farm status, and now progressing through Nightmare content.

Today marked the guilds first downing of Nightmare Writhing Horror, which shows even with "non-optimal" raid composition. (We are currently running 2x Snipers, 1 Deception Assassin, 1 Marauder) and yet you can still kill Nightmare content....

Additionally we are also progressing our name in PvP Warzones as our guild becomes a name of note when queueing on The Shadowlands server.

We want to thank everyone for all the great work they have been doing, for all the effort, and for continuing in the face of many wipes while trying to progress this content!

Also as a quick nod to all our DPS players.... Nearly every single one of our DPS is a world TORParse Top 50 right now.....considering there are plenty of guilds in this game who have Kell Dragon geared DPS's in their classes....this is something you guys should be very proud of!

The Imperial Order
//End Official Transmission//
First off- To all new Members of The Imperial Order- Welcome! Great to have you! We are all glad you decided to be a part of our Guild!


Our core 8-Man group is finally a solid tight knit group. We are clearing content and laughing at Boss fights that previously gave us trouble. We will be clearing content on the regular and diving into Nightmare operations shortly. This should get us back on track with other 8 man progression groups. To those of you in the group I applaud your skills, patience, and sense of humor. My nights raiding are now something i eagerly look forward to. So thank you. For others who have helped fill in or ready to fight. We know you are there and its time to Get it Going!

Everyone that wants to raid should post in the message board, or talk in game to a council member. We will gladly put together a solid group that fits you time slots. This will also be our (Hopefully) other half of a 16man raid group. So Figure out when you have the most free time and let us know. 

Recruit- Please feel free to promote TIO in pug raid groups, on the fleet, while leveling, and in Flashpoints. If you want to see more people online, you can help accomplish that. There is a reason why you get on and come hang out with all of us. Let the world know. We are all down to earth, relaxed people who know way too much about this game. And we have a blast hanging out. Bring in real life friends too. 

Its been a wild ride for the founding fathers of The Imperial Order. We have had our ups and downs but thanks to you all we have been reborn from the ashes. Keep it up! 

Also- HM Kephess Kill-